Lynch Trip Report

John and Cindy Lynch, Deer Valley Club Members “We’ve had a place at Deer Valley for the last 20 years and until recently, hadn’t ventured much beyond the Summit County borders. Over that time, with my wife and three boys, we have taken advantage of all the fantastic outdoor pursuits Park City offers.Cyndi-plane-150x150 Last year, we connected with Alex Stoy of Elevated Adventure Company. I know Alex in the Summer from the running & mountain bike trails and in the winter, I’ve tried to keep up with him on (and off) the slopes. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable outdoor adventurists I’ve ever met. You name it, he’s done it – back country skiing, trail running, mountain biking, canyoneering, SUP touring, etc… In those 20 years, we hadn’t explored Southern Utah. We heard the great stories about Moab and the southern part of the state, but we were comfortable with our vacations in/around Park City. We didn’t feel like we wanted to spend a 5 hour drive during our vacation. All that changed when Alex arranged a one day trip for the family. What an experience and getting there was half the fun! We boarded a small 6 passenger plane and after an amazing 45-minute ride through some of the most picturesque canyons of Southern Utah, we landed at a small airstrip. We were in the middle of nowhere and loving it!1 Alex met us on the airstrip and provided some quick refreshments before heading to our first stop of the day. It was our first time exploring canyons and it was a new photo opportunity at every turn. The kids were having a blast climbing through the canyon with passages that you had to squeeze through sideways to navigate. Until you are actually in one of these canyons, pictures won’t do it justice. After an amazing 90 minute hike, we took a short drive to a scenic overlook. Alex and his team had prepared a full and healthy lunch. The backdrop of our lunch spot was some of the most unique and beautiful rock formations I have ever seen. After lunch, we explored these absolutely gigantic mushroom rock formations and I was able to get some truly amazing pictures of my sons launching from rock to rock. It was a surreal experience to wake up in Park City one morning and then be transported to some of nature’s finest work in Southern Utah before Noon! At about 3 o’clock, we headed back to the airstrip for the return flight to Park City. The variety of terrain that Utah offers is just incredible. As we flew the 45 minutes from the desert back over to the Wasatch mountains in our small plane, we were really just blown away by how lucky we are to be able to experience what Utah has to offer. We were back in the hot tub in Deer Valley by 5:00 pm. Elevated Adventure Company was a home run. Alex and his team arranged the entire experience and left nothing undone. We just needed to know where to be and what clothes to wear. They handled the rest. Our family does a good deal of traveling, but never by small plane. Our pilot was super experienced and reassuring. The private plane ride was worth the price of admission. He took a low pass through this canyon and over a dirt airstrip that I will never forget. We all had the headsets on during the flight and we just felt like we were part of the action all the time. I would not hesitate to recommend Elevated Adventure Company for a truly unique, breathtaking and awesome adventure whether it be skiing, hiking, cycling, hiking or anything else they can dream up. Do yourself a favor and “Elevate” your life.

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